Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red, White & Blue

We spent Independence Day celebrating a little friend's birthday, listening to live music, and watching a surprisingly good fireworks show together. My kids loved it and I wish I could've gotten some pictures of their awestruck faces during the show. Baby Ryan liked it too even though he slept through half of it. It was a good time!

I made these cookies using the vanilla version of the chocolate cookies from LiliLoa. They kept their shape beautifully and were amazingly easy to roll out and cut. (and again, no chilling the dough!) Hubby and I both agreed that they didn't taste quite as good as my usual recipe but I don't think anyone else cared and it might just be worth the small sacrifice in flavor. Well, he doesn't think it was worth it, but was he doing any of the work to make them? um, no.  Maybe I'll play with my old recipe and see if I can come up with something in the middle that tastes good but is also easier to work with. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a happy fourth!