Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here. I have been baking but I guess we've been eating everything too fast to get pictures...

But even better than pictures are recipes, so here are a few I've made recently:

chocolate cookies with various chips... white chocolate, peanut butter, milk chocolate, semi sweet... all yummy

Key lime pie - so easy and delicious!

Orange cranberry scones - melt in your mouth good.

I did take some pictures of the cupcake ice cream cones I made for Audrey's birthday back in February.

I tried making these different ways-

You can bake the cupcakes in the cones, set up like the picture above. It was hard to get the right amount of batter into the cones and some of them were not cooked through and deflated as they cooled.

You can bake the cupcakes in muffin tins as you normally would and put the cones upside down on top so the cupcake rises into it. This worked pretty well but the top of the cupcake was shaped like a bottom so it was hard to frost. Also you don't get that "muffin top" texture that really makes a cupcake a cupcake.

In both of the above methods the cone did not taste very good even if the cupcake turned out because it got kind of stale from being baked.

The best looking, tastiest, and the easiest way to do it is to get Jumbo ice cream cones (found mine at Bloom) and then just bake regular cupcakes and stuff them in the cone when they cool. They fit perfectly and it kept the cones from getting chewy or soggy.

My favorite part of this cupcake though was the frosting. I have tried lots of recipes and this one is the best I've had I think. Might have something to do with the heavy cream, I'm not sure.